Polyethylene Tape Uses

Many specialists reveal that condensation that tends to accumulate on building walls and ceilings of several storage buildings- especially the metal ones can definitely represent a severe danger to the elements within the respective structure. Here is when polyethylene tape, comes into the scene. Excessive moisture can act as a huge magnet for both, mold and mildew. It allows them to totally thrive.

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Metal storage buildings, which are commonly referred as a shed, can become very susceptible to much rust, it happens when condensation is uncontrolled. You need to target the spaces that are currently allowing moisture to completely penetrate the entire structure and then, install quality barriers to get rid of condensation problems. Many individuals claim that polyethylene tape is a great item for such project. Gather some other items to proceed with the whole improvement:

  • A Waterproof caulk
  • A Putty knife
  • Some Denatured alcohol
  • Some Disposable cloths
  • A Polyethylene sheeting
  • A pair of Scissors
  • polyethylene tape
  • ¬†Polystyrene tiles
  • Universal Glue
  • A Utility knife
  • Some Aviation tin snips

A putty knife to spread the caulking compounds

Once you are ready to go for your home improvement, get the polyethylene tape and move everything out. Cover appliances and furniture properly to avoid damages. Start by checking inside your shed for lighting coming in along the holes that are in the existing ceiling and the walls. Next, fill each hole with the caulking and help yourself with the putty knife and a caulking gun.

Old Towels for cleaning purposes

Before sticking the polyethylene tape, you need to apply some denatured alcohol, directly to the metal roof and into the walls that are inside the shed. You can use the disposable cloth, or even an old towel. You have to remove the surface grime that exists on the metal. Remember to dry the area with some other cloth.

Scissors to cut polyethylene tape
Generate a good vapor barrier directly over your floor, use polyethylene sheeting. The polyethylene tape is definitely the best way to go. Yet, if the floor seems to consist of some hard-packed soil, try to check for some rough spots and then use tamper to easily compact the soil.

You need to cut the polyethylene tape sheeting into a few sections, use the scissors. Lay the polyethylene tape down along the floor. You will be able to then, secure the sections to the wall with the tape. Use the Tape in overlapped sections of the sheeting together. You have to cover the whole floor with the membrane. Utility knifes are usually great. Finish by attaching the polystyrene tiles into the ceilings.

Warnings and Hints

  • Home improvement shops carry all the elements that are needed to perform this task. Consider making a list of all the items you must purchase and then, double-check if your list is complete.
  • Fumes from spray and alcohol adhesives are somehow volatile. Just make sure you use these products like polyethylene tape with the proper ventilation.

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