Foil Tape Advantages

Many homeowners that love home improvement projects claim that foil tape provides a great and tight seal. It is considered a versatile product, and it has a multitude of fascinating applications. It is linked to many product styles. The facts that foil tape, is highly conformable leaves everyone satisfied.

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It also tolerates several temperature changes; it is what makes it pretty much the perfect item when it comes to sealing duct work. The best part is that it has weather resistant quality which means that foil tape can be used on both, indoor duct work and outdoor environmental projects. It is also very easy to use. This tape is capable of smoothing out nicely and it gives each job a professional look. Get some items when getting ready for your new home task:

  • Quality Foil tape
  • A Foil tape comb

Measure the amount of foil tape you need to use in order to seal the joints. You will be pulling off the current roll and also holding the tape directly against the existing seam. Foil tape, differs from basic duct tape. It has a great paper backing that it is supposed to be removed before applying the tape. You need to tear the measured pieces right off the current roll and then peel off around two inches of paper backing at 1 of the ends. Avoid peeling off all the paper backing, do it only if you will be applying small pieces.

Most of the times, foil tape appears to be extremely tacky. Remember that once it is connected, it will end up tearing before it actually releases. It is easy to tangle a huge section of this tape without even paper backing. Attach the entire exposed section of foil tape to the seam and hold the paper backing edge. Proceed by slowly pealing the back and then apply your tape into the duct as you go. You should smooth the foil tape; you can use the plastic comb that was provided by the supplier. Don’t forget that the tape edges are usually extremely sharp. Some warnings and hints that are to be understood:

There are several product styles for this tape. Each style has a specific application. You may be amazed to know that foil tape comes in a wide range of styles, just as many other tapes. Some types can be used for duct purposes, while some others are strictly designed and developed for insulation matters. You can also find foil tape meant for both projects. You must reach a quality and reputable supplier. A manufacturer should always be ready and able to tell you what will suit you best. Learn to remove it as well; you never know if you may experience a problem or if you happen to tape it in a wrong manner. By being prepared you will save yourself from future repairing matters. You don’t necessarily need professional help. There are many tutorials available to get to know each step to the fullest.


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